Hong Kong Community Radio (January)

Hong Kong Community Radio (February)


eel radio w/ HOCKEYSMITH, Gribs & Terry Bliss (Threads)

Hong Kong Community Radio (September)

Hong Kong Community Radio (October)

SubCity Radio (October)

EHFM (October)

Hong Kong Community Radio (November)

Dead Mall Radio

Hong Kong Community Radio w/ Medicidaughter (December)


TT w/ DJ Pitch & Kassandra K. Bak (NTS)

Gribs w/ RIP me (Datafruits)

Gribs w/ Joe Errick (Datafruits)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Cedric Madden (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Kamaahshatee (NTS)

TT w DJ Pitch & Kat Nzingha (NTS)

TT w/ DJ PItch & Poundshop (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Avalanche Death (NTS)

TT w/ Dj Pitch & Xterea (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Wolfgang Strutz (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Bianca Scout (NTS)

Internet Public Radio (May)

Internet Public Radio (June)

Internet Public Radio (July)

Organ Tapes w/ DJ Rish & Gribs (NTS)

​Kindred Radio (November)


TT w/ DJ Pitch & Hmurd (Rinse)

Slow Hand Clutches w/ Kast (NTS)

TT x Club Chai (Rinse)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Junior XL (Rinse)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Organ Tapes (Rinse)

Radio Raheem Milano (June 2020)

TT w/ Gribs & DJ Pitch (NTS)

Festival Milieux takeover (Rinse France)

TT w/ Symrun (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & GANX (NTS)

TT  w/DJ Pitch & Thammudu (NTS)


​Gribs w/ Sarah Haras (Datafruits)


TT w/ DJ Pitch & Object Blue (Radar)

Slow Hand Clutches w/ Gribs (NTS) 

TT w/ DJ Pitch, Piksel and Woopheadclrms (Radar)

International Women’s Day show (Radar)

Guest mix for Jay Glass Dubs (LYL Radio)

TT w/ DJ Pitch, MIC and Steffi (Radar)

Astral Plane x TT (NTS) 

Stray Landings w/ DJ Space Heater (Resonance)

TT w/ DJ Pitch (Rinse) 

Gribs b2b Kast (Sunflower FM)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & AF85 (Rinse) 

Guest mix for Dialogue (10 Twenty Radio)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Litter Frog (Internet Public Radio)

Guest mix for A Profaned Angel's Trust (

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Iceboy Violet (NTS)


aamin & Gribs (Radar)

Guest mix for TT Takeover (Radar)

TT w/ JD & DJ Pitch (Berlin Community Radio)

TT w/ Gribs & Aurora (Berlin Community Radio)

TT w/ JD, Frankie Hutchinson, Loto Retina and Leo Hoffsaes (Radar)

TTs w/ DJ Pitch, Gribs and Wilhelm (Radar)

Wired Radio (September 2017)

Gribs w/ Clemency (Wired Radio)

TT w/ TRNSGNDR VHS, Genome 66.6, Mungo & DJ Pitch (Radar)

2257ad w/ Gribs  (10 Twenty Radio)

Red Light Radio (November 2017)

Gribs w/ BFTT (Wired Radio)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Country Music (Radar)

Gribs w/ Lucaufer (Wired Radio)

Guiest mix for Jerom (Rinse France)

International Winners w/ Gribs (Bel-Air Radio)

TT w/ DJ Pitch, Alobhe and Julien (Radar Radio)

Live Performances


eel.thirteen w/ Medicidaughter, Fiesta Soundsystem, Ship Sket, Omoo + HOCKEYSMITH @ Space 289

LOOSE TRAX w/ Ans M, Henry Cyer & Conrad Pack @ Venue MOT



LOOSE TRAX w/ AJ Pain & Paul B Davis @ Venue MOT

eel.ten w/ furious styles, omoo, HOCKEYSMITH, MEDICIDAUGHTER & more @ The Glove That Fits

No Future w/ Lauren Duffus, DJ Pitch & more @ Strange Brew

eel.thirteen w/ Medicidaughter, Fiesta Soundsystem, Ship Sket, Omoo + HOCKEYSMITH @ 289


TENDER003 w/ AG, DJonny, CHOWA ++ @ Rye Wax

Symrun (live) w/ Soltura, Kast and Gribs @ Four Quarters

Hidden Realm w/ Citytronix, Lighght, La Tirando a Violeta, JQ, Xato ++ @ Twitch

Saturnalia Festival presents Turn Us Alias @ Minecraft

Casual Internet Party w/ Trash Panda QC, hmurd, Gila, DJ Engine ++ @ Datafruits


Slow Dance w/ Flora, Shamos ++ @ Bunker

ALT COIN w/ Lil Data @ Rye Wax

Boiler Room x Hard Dance @ Ormside

FInd Me In The Dark w/ Cera Khin, D.Dan and SPFDJ @ Corsica

123 w/ Space Candy, Pope and Ccontrary @ VFD

WARE presents Alt Coin w/ Lil Data, Citytronix, Slugabed ++ @ Rye Wax

Dervisis EP launch w/ BFTT @ Rye Wax

RANI @ Four Quarters

HATCH Tramlines after party @ HATCH

TT 5th Birthday b2b Luacaufer w/ object blue, BFTT, Junior XL, INTENTIONALLY COLD ++ @ Four Quarters

Cassius Select w/ Goochie Vix, Kast & Gribs @ Four Quarters 

Sector 7G w/ Ewa Awe, Charles Verni ++ @ MOT 

TENDER002 w/ Djonny, CHOWA ++ @ Biscuit Factory 

Soundclash Margins w/ MIC, AYA, Iceboy Violet, INTENTIONALLYCOLD ++ @ Bussey Building

Slump Sounds w/ MIC, Kish! ++ @ Grow 

Domino Dance w/ Aircode, Shannen SP, Kasra ++ @ Five Miles

Festival Milieux @ Saint-Henri, Payra-sur-l'hers

Support - Holly Herndon @ Sheffield Student’s Union 

Ellipsis w/ Bunny Hoova & Bianca Scout @ SET 

Eel Disc w/ Omoo, Hockeysmith ++ @ Fives 

Venom w/ Charles Verni ++ @ Lima Zulu 

Madeira Digital @ Estalagem da Ponta do Sol 

Near Dark w/ Other Islands, Nammy Wams ++ @ Tasty Bakery 


Chasing Pain presents Into The Icy Lake w/ Dan Orchard @ 60 Million Postcards 

New Atlantis @ Rye Wax 

Mutualism w/ Michael Brailey, MTMT, Iceboy Violet & SGNL @ Partisan 

New Scenery w/ Lady Amz, Crystalmess, Lockhart  ++ @ Emily's Bar 

Radar weekly w/ Object Blue, Renick Bel & Sim Hutchins @ East Bloc 

UNITI x Casual Club w/ Junior XL, INTENTIONALLYCOLD ++ @ Grow 

We_breathe_binary; w/ K1 Square & Jennifer Walton @ Four Quarters 

Mutualism w/ aamin, Iceboy Violet, Air Max 97, BFTT, AYA & Michelle @ The White Hotel 

Plant! w/ SPACE CANDY, Ells101, DJ VELPAR & CIX @ DIY Space For London 

Yamaneko EP launch w/ EMMA @ Rye Wax

Litter Frog EP Launch w/ LItter Frog, TONE & Charles Verni @ The Four Quarters

NTS x Uniqlo Tate Lates @ Tate Modern 

Celestite w/ AYA, CECI ++ @ Rye Wax

TT x The Royal Academy w/ Lucaufer, Bianca Scout & Iceboy Violet @ The Royal Academy Of Arts


Nail to Head w/ Fis & Rob Thorne, TPOL @ Temple Of Boom

Leftovers w/ Schoolhouse & Carlos @ Hyde Park Book Club

SLUT DROP b2b skrrt, w/ Mike Drones, TACAT, Izah, Us & It ++ @ Assembly House

Cartier 4 Everyone 1st Birthday w/ God Colony & Flohio, Farhood, Big Effigy & Akaska @ Kazimer Garden

New Scenery w/ Coucou Chloe, Covco, Babyflame, Shygirl & Lockhart @ Alibi

New Scenery w/ Flora, Rui Ho, Hesska, Lockhart &  Sleepier @ Five Miles

Plant! w/ Finnit, Black, M. A. DJ Velpar @ DIY Space For London

In store w/ Lucafuer @ Rye Wax 

Bass Soc Welcome Week Party w/ Holloway, Camilla, Lindsey & Off License @ Bunker 

In Store w/ Malin @ Rye Wax 

Wired Radio showcase @ The White Hart 

In Store w/ RKSS @ Rye Wax


Between 2017 - 2021 I co-curated the TT record label w/ DJ Pitch & Kast

I co-curated the TTM mix series, which can be found here

For a list of TT radio shows, check RADIO


Editorial collective - Bellona Magazine 


Contributor to Tiny Grassland publication (Mutualism) 

Participant: DIY2020 - Charlie Ashwell: Restless Study (Live Art Development Agency/ICA)


Co-curator: Symrun (live London debut) w/ Soltura, Kast & Gribs @ Four Quarters

Fostering creative support systems: panel discussion w/ Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, INTENTIONALLYCOLD, Jasmine Kent-Smith & Loraine James (Twitch)

Lyric and songwriting workshop w/ Iceboy Violet (hosted by Symrun) (Twitch)

Geographic dispersal and degrowth: Country Music in conversation w/ Joanna Pope (Twitch)

Developing your own platform/podcast w/ aamin (Twitch)

Developing an interdisciplinary practice w/ Ans M & Litter Frog (Twitch)

Production workshop w/ hmurd (Twitch)


Of Art and Labour: Inside TT's Curatorial World (Texture Magazine)

Nominated for Breakthrough Label @ DJ Mag Awards

Winners of Soundcloud Margins w/ Iceboy Violet, AYA, INTENTIONALLYCOLD, M.I.C, Air Max '97 & Don Sinini

TT 5th Birthday w/ object blue, BFTT, Lucaufer, Junior XL, Bianca Scout, INTENTIONALLYCOLD, Organ Tapes, AF85, DJ Pitch, Gribs GANX & Aircode @ Four Quarters

TTM072: Symrun in conversation w/ Aidan Harper (4 Day Week Campaign)

Co-curator: Cassius Select w/ Goochie Vix, Kast & Gribs @ Four Quarters

Record Labels Panel @ Sensoria Pro Festival


Interview - Swan Meat: Datastream 007 (Mutualism)

Performer: Yvonne Rainer/We Shall Run (European premiere) @ London Contemporary Music Festival

Best labels of the year (Mixmag)

TT Takeover w/ Iceboy Violet, Lucaufer, Bianca Scout @ Gribs @ Royal Academy

Weird Music From England: TT In Focus (Stray Landings)

Iceboy Violet mixtape launch w/ Iceboy Violet (live), Rowdy SS, m.kwas, Shelob's Mate & Lucaufer @ VFD

Litter Frog EP launch w/ Litter Frog (live), TONE, Charles Verni & Gribs @ Four Quarters

Promoter Focus: TT (Mixmag)

TT presents KIN w/ M.E.S.H., AYA, object blue, Malin, Iceboy Violet (live) & Mtmt @ Rye Wax

TT presents KIN w/ Stud1nt, 2K, INTENTIONALLCOLD, aamin, Jossy Mitsu & Docterre @ Rye Wax

TT presents KIN w/ Ziur, Petite Singe, Alobhe, NKC, MT Hall, Alec Tronik, Bitowski & BRYN @ Rye Wax

Interview and mix: TT (Tank Magazine)


TT x Berlin Community Radio Residency