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Gribs is a DJ. 

She is a monthly resident on NTS.



2023    Programming team @ Loose Trax

2022    Minus One: Curated By Gribs w/ Missouri Williams, FAUNESS, Avel Mismo + @ ICA

LOOSE TRAX: Programmed by Gribs w/ Dennis Cave, anrimeal, Yewen Jin + @ MOT

2020    Symrun (live London debut) w/ Soltura, Kast & Gribs @ Four Quarters

Fostering creative support systems: panel discussion w/ Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, INTENTIONALLYCOLD, Jasmine Kent-Smith & Loraine James (Twitch)

Lyric and songwriting workshop w/ Iceboy Violet (hosted by Symrun) (Twitch)

Geographic dispersal and degrowth: Country Music in conversation w/ Joanna Pope (Twitch)

Developing your own platform/podcast w/ aamin (Twitch)

Developing an interdisciplinary practice w/ Ans M & Litter Frog (Twitch)

Production workshop w/ hmurd (Twitch)


2019     Winners of Soundcloud Margins w/ Iceboy Violet, AYA, INTENTIONALLYCOLD, M.I.C ++

TT 5th Birthday w/ object blue, BFTT, Lucaufer, Junior XL, Bianca Scout, INTENTIONALLYCOLD, Organ Tapes, AF85, DJ Pitch, GANX & Aircode @ Four Quarters

Cassius Select w/ Goochie Vix, Kast & Gribs @ Four Quarters

2018     TT Takeover w/ Iceboy Violet, Lucaufer, Bianca Scout @ Gribs @ Royal Academy

Iceboy Violet mixtape launch w/ Iceboy Violet (live), Rowdy SS, Shelob's Mate ++ @ VFD

Litter Frog EP launch w/ Litter Frog (live), TONE, Charles Verni @ Four Quarters

TT presents KIN w/ M.E.S.H., AYA, object blue, Malin, Iceboy Violet (live) & Mtmt @ Rye Wax

TT presents KIN w/ Stud1nt, 2K, INTENTIONALLCOLD, aamin, Jossy Mitsu ++ @ Rye Wax

TT presents KIN w/ Ziur, Petite Singe, Alobhe, NKC, MT Hall, Alec Tronik ++ @ Rye Wax

2017-21   Co-Curator of TT record label (catalogue, radio, mix series and events)  


Awards and residencies

2023     Residency: Grange Projects

2022     Artist in residence: Brunswick Collective, Bristol (w/ Estelle Birch)

2019      TT nominated for Breakthrough Label @ DJ Mag Awards

2017      Berkofsky Arts Award (University Of Leeds)

 Award for highest overall degree mark (University Of Leeds, School of Performance)

2015     Kevin Burnet Award for Study Abroad (University Of Leeds)

2013     Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship (University Of Leeds)


2023      Gribs: An Interview (Madjestic Kasual)

2022     Why Radio? Anlin x Gribs (HKCR)

2019      Of Art and Labour: Inside TT's Curatorial World (Texture Magazine)

2018     Best labels of the year (Mixmag)

Interview and mix: TT (Tank Magazine)

Promoter Focus: TT (Mixmag)

Weird Music From England: TT In Focus (Stray Landings)


2023     NTS (January)

              Friends 1: Hibernal (Radio Alhara)

              Debt & Refuge: Gribs b2b nymity (NTS)

              NTS (February)

              Friends 2: Assay (Radio Alhara)

              Hong Kong Community Radio w/ CJ & Sparx

              Cherche Encore show (RTM)

              NTS w/ clxo & El Morgan (NTS)

              Poorly Knit: Bruce b2b Gribs (Noods)

              NTS (April)

              NTS w/ Rein Lo

              NTS (June)

              NTS (July)

              NTS (August)

              NTS (September)

2022    Hong Kong Community Radio (January)

Hong Kong Community Radio (February)

Hong Kong Community Radio w/ succubus_blue) 

Hong Kong Community Radio (April)

VIP Mix (May)

Gochu World w/ Wikihow Adventure Cruise & Gribs (Alto Radio)

Escape The Chaos w/ DJ Narkus & Gribs (Threads)

Hong Kong Community Radio w/ Kast & nymity

Hong Kong Community Radio w/ Ines Navarro

Hong Kong Community Radio w/ Mal 


NTS w/ Missouri Williams

Hong Kong Community Radio (September)

International Winners w/ Gribs 

Hong Kong Community Radio (October)

Hong Kong Community Radio (November)

Friends 0: Temperance (Radio Alhara)

2021     eel radio w/ HOCKEYSMITH, Gribs & Terry Bliss (Threads)

Hong Kong Community Radio (September)

Hong Kong Community Radio (October)

SubCity Radio (October)

EHFM (October)

Hong Kong Community Radio (November)

Dead Mall Radio

Hong Kong Community Radio w/ Medicidaughter (December)

2020    TT w/ DJ Pitch & Kassandra K. Bak (NTS)

Gribs w/ RIP me (Datafruits)

Gribs w/ Joe Errick (Datafruits)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Cedric Madden (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Kamaahshatee (NTS)

TT w DJ Pitch & Kat Nzingha (NTS)

TT w/ DJ PItch & Poundshop (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Avalanche Death (NTS)

TT w/ Dj Pitch & Xterea (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Wolfgang Strutz (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Bianca Scout (NTS)

Internet Public Radio (May)

Internet Public Radio (June)

Internet Public Radio (July)

Organ Tapes w/ DJ Rish & Gribs (NTS)

​Kindred Radio (November)

2019     TT w/ DJ Pitch & Hmurd (Rinse)

Slow Hand Clutches w/ Kast (NTS)

TT x Club Chai (Rinse)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Junior XL (Rinse)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Organ Tapes (Rinse)

Radio Raheem Milano (June 2020)

TT w/ Gribs & DJ Pitch (NTS)

Festival Milieux takeover (Rinse France)

TT w/ Symrun (NTS)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & GANX (NTS)

TT  w/DJ Pitch & Thammudu (NTS)


​Gribs w/ Sarah Haras (Datafruits)

2018     TT w/ DJ Pitch & Object Blue (Radar)

Slow Hand Clutches w/ Gribs (NTS) 

TT w/ DJ Pitch, Piksel and Woopheadclrms (Radar)

International Women’s Day w/ Object Blue, Machine Woman, Marlo Eggplant + (Radar)

Guest mix for Jay Glass Dubs (LYL Radio)

TT w/ DJ Pitch, MIC and Steffi (Radar)

Astral Plane x TT (NTS)

Stray Landings w/ DJ Space Heater (Resonance)

TT w/ DJ Pitch (Rinse) 

Gribs b2b Kast (Sunflower FM)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & AF85 (Rinse) 

Guest mix for Dialogue (10 Twenty Radio)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Litter Frog (Internet Public Radio)

Guest mix for A Profaned Angel's Trust (

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Iceboy Violet (NTS)

2017      aamin & Gribs (Radar)

Guest mix for TT Takeover (Radar)

TT w/ JD & DJ Pitch (Berlin Community Radio)

TT w/ Gribs & Aurora (Berlin Community Radio)

TT w/ JD, Frankie Hutchinson, Loto Retina and Leo Hoffsaes (Radar)

TTs w/ DJ Pitch, Gribs and Wilhelm (Radar)

Wired Radio (September 2017)

Gribs w/ Clemency (Wired Radio)

TT w/ TRNSGNDR VHS, Genome 66.6, Mungo & DJ Pitch (Radar)

2257ad w/ Gribs  (10 Twenty Radio)

Red Light Radio (November 2017)

Gribs w/ BFTT (Wired Radio)

TT w/ DJ Pitch & Country Music (Radar)

Gribs w/ Lucaufer (Wired Radio)

Guiest mix for Jerome w/ LVLSRVRYHI, JG Jour & DJ Pitch (Rinse France)

International Winners w/ Gribs (Bel-Air Radio)

TT w/ DJ Pitch, Alobhe and Julien (Radar Radio)


2024   Sampler w/ El Morgan @ Raven Row 

2023     b2b Mobbs @ Curated by Kast, Institute Of Contemporary Art

              Setrus EP launch w/ Setrus & Jabes @ Spanners

              Pa Dui w/ Ian Kim Judd, Organ Tapes, DJ Rish ++ @ London

              Skewed From View w/ TTB, Kast, Kaiisha, Ursula Holiday ++ @ Spanners

              Enter The Noid w/ bod [包家巷], VRGF, Alya L ++ @ Cube Microplex

              Skewed From View w/ Bitter Gold, Kast, Karabiner ++ @ Lewisham Arthouse

              b2b Able Archer @ Texture x Break With Me, Avalon Cafe

              Aircode, Conal Blake, Patrick Ward @ Gribs @ Cafe Oto

2022    eel.thirteen w/ Medicidaughter, Fiesta Soundsystem, Ship Sket, Omoo + @ Space 289

LOOSE TRAX w/ Ans M, Henry Cyer & Conrad Pack @ Venue MOT

Dreaming of Oblivion w/ RAP & DJ Gonz @ Ormside

Festival Hyperlocal @ Ormside

BUFFEE EP launch w/ bit.35 & Kundai @ The Crown, Bristol

Club Mutante w/ EVOL, Covco, KInlaw & Franco Franco ++ @ Ormside


2021      LOOSE TRAX w/ AJ Pain & Paul B Davis @ Venue MOT

eel.ten w/ furious styles, omoo, HOCKEYSMITH, MEDICIDAUGHTER + @ The Glove That Fits

No Future w/ Lauren Duffus, DJ Pitch & more @ Strange Brew

eel.thirteen w/ Medicidaughter, Fiesta Soundsystem, Ship Sket, Omoo + HOCKEYSMITH @ 289

2020    TENDER003 w/ AG, DJonny, CHOWA ++ @ Rye Wax

Symrun (live) w/ Soltura, Kast and Gribs @ Four Quarters

Hidden Realm w/ Citytronix, Lighght, La Tirando a Violeta, JQ, Xato ++ @ Twitch

Saturnalia Festival presents Turn Us Alias @ Minecraft

Casual Internet Party w/ Trash Panda QC, hmurd, Gila, DJ Engine ++ @ Datafruits

2019      Slow Dance w/ Flora, Shamos ++ @ Bunker

ALT COIN w/ Lil Data @ Rye Wax

Boiler Room x Hard Dance @ Ormside

FInd Me In The Dark w/ Cera Khin, D.Dan and SPFDJ @ Corsica

123 w/ Space Candy, Pope and Ccontrary @ VFD

WARE presents Alt Coin w/ Lil Data, Citytronix, Slugabed ++ @ Rye Wax

Dervisis EP launch w/ BFTT @ Rye Wax

RANI @ Four Quarters

HATCH Tramlines after party @ HATCH

TT 5th Birthday b2b Luacaufer w/ object blue, BFTT, Junior XL, INTENTIONALLY COLD ++ @ Four Quarters

Cassius Select w/ Goochie Vix, Kast & Gribs @ Four Quarters 

Sector 7G w/ Ewa Awe, Charles Verni ++ @ MOT 

TENDER002 w/ Djonny, CHOWA ++ @ Biscuit Factory 

Soundclash Margins w/ MIC, AYA, Iceboy Violet, INTENTIONALLYCOLD ++ @ Bussey Building

Slump Sounds w/ MIC, Kish! ++ @ Grow 

Domino Dance w/ Aircode, Shannen SP, Kasra ++ @ Five Miles

Festival Milieux @ Saint-Henri, Payra-sur-l'hers

Support - Holly Herndon @ Sheffield Student’s Union 

Ellipsis w/ Bunny Hoova & Bianca Scout @ SET 

Eel Disc w/ Omoo, Hockeysmith ++ @ Fives 

Venom w/ Charles Verni ++ @ Lima Zulu 

Madeira Digital @ Estalagem da Ponta do Sol 

Near Dark w/ Other Islands, Nammy Wams ++ @ Tasty Bakery 

2018     Chasing Pain presents Into The Icy Lake w/ Dan Orchard @ 60 Million Postcards 

New Atlantis @ Rye Wax 

Mutualism w/ Michael Brailey, MTMT, Iceboy Violet & SGNL @ Partisan 

New Scenery w/ Lady Amz, Crystalmess, Lockhart  ++ @ Emily's Bar 

Radar weekly w/ Object Blue, Renick Bel & Sim Hutchins @ East Bloc 

UNITI x Casual Club w/ Junior XL, INTENTIONALLYCOLD ++ @ Grow 

We_breathe_binary; w/ K1 Square & Jennifer Walton @ Four Quarters 

Mutualism w/ aamin, Iceboy Violet, Air Max 97, BFTT, AYA & Michelle @ The White Hotel 

Plant! w/ SPACE CANDY, Ells101, DJ VELPAR & CIX @ DIY Space For London 

Yamaneko EP launch w/ EMMA @ Rye Wax

Litter Frog EP Launch w/ LItter Frog, TONE & Charles Verni @ The Four Quarters

NTS x Uniqlo Tate Lates @ Tate Modern 

Celestite w/ AYA, CECI ++ @ Rye Wax

TT x The Royal Academy w/ Bianca Scout, Iceboy Violet+  @ The Royal Academy Of Arts

Yvonne Rainer: We Shall Run (dancer) @ London Contemporary Music Festival

2017     Nail to Head w/ Fis & Rob Thorne, TPOL @ Temple Of Boom

Leftovers w/ Schoolhouse & Carlos @ Hyde Park Book Club

SLUT DROP b2b skrrt, w/ Mike Drones, TACAT, Izah, Us & It ++ @ Assembly House

Cartier 4 Everyone 1st Birthday w/ God Colony & Flohio, Farhood, Big Effigy & Akaska @ Kazimer Garden

New Scenery w/ Coucou Chloe, Covco, Babyflame, Shygirl & Lockhart @ Alibi

New Scenery w/ Flora, Rui Ho, Hesska, Lockhart &  Sleepier @ Five Miles

Plant! w/ Finnit, Black, M. A. DJ Velpar @ DIY Space For London

In store w/ Lucafuer @ Rye Wax 

Bass Soc Welcome Week Party w/ Holloway, Camilla, Lindsey & Off License @ Bunker 

In Store w/ Malin @ Rye Wax 

Wired Radio showcase @ The White Hart 

In Store w/ RKSS @ Rye Wax


2023      Get out of town (Anima Planet)

2022      Hike

               Ant Mill Nudge (Sabi Arts x Ignota)

2021     Offline Meeting Point


"Twin Peaks" 

2 moons

Mild Bewilderment

2020    Fake Rolex​



2019     Boiler Room



Club Pelicon

Madjestic Kasual

2018     Datastream (Mutualism) 

Grey Matter Archives 

Mitamine Lab 

Whirlpool part 2 


TANK Magazine x Tobago Tracks

Structures From Silence

Mesitco Mixcast

New Scenery

2017     Whirlpool




2021     Contributor to Tiny Grassland publication (Mutualism) 

2018     Interview - Swan Meat: Datastream 007 (Mutualism)


2019    Independent Record Labels Panel @ Sensoria Pro Festival

2018    Internet Music: Stray Landings w/ DJ Space Heater (Resonance)

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